St. Paul & the 12 Disciples

I find that it is interesting that much of the Christianity that we have today is based on a Paul’s vision of Jesus, yet Paul never met Jesus, and only met 1 of the original disciples (Peter) along with James, the brother of Jesus.

Really? Yes. Read the letters of Paul carefully. After his vision on the way to Damascus, he didn’t rush to Jerusalem to join the brothers and become a follower, but rather disappeared into Arabia for a time (years?). It was only years later that he went to Jerusalem; but because the Followers of the Way (they weren’t called Christians for decades more) didn’t trust him, they never let him meet the whole group, just Peter and James.


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3 Responses to St. Paul & the 12 Disciples

  1. Kay Felton says:

    If Paul wrote all of the things he did, at least he tried. But, Ronald Way, Asher, did know Jesus, and has a lot to say about His teachings, so why doesn’t he have his own show on TV …or perhaps a movie about so many of the things that Jesus taught ?
    And, Bill Snyder, author of “Messages for Today and Tomorrow” and many others feel that this is an important time in history for us to understand the power of God’s love. Have any of you heard the song by the Eagles called “There’s A Hole in the World Tonight” ……ending in “with all of this fighting over who is annointed…oh why must people be so blind…and just learn to love one another..etc. Not only should we read the Bible, but, if many of that day had amazing visions, angels, etc…how about the people with these messages now ??? Hellooooo !! Kay Felton (retired math teacher who thinks things need to make a little more sense….)


  2. Perhaps Paul needed some time out, just as Jesus took his 40 days alone fasting before he commenced his ministry? As a prior Christian killer (& not the Son of Man), I’m sure Paul had some baggage of his own to deal with before he started preaching to others. Many of today’s teachers & preachers may also need to spend time working on themselves before they practice on others!


  3. I think that you are correct, Jeremy. When Paul had his “vision” I’m sure that he had no tools to comprehend what had happened to him. He had spent the last few years chasing this rag tag bunch of people that he thought were apostates to Judaism. Now, confused and unsure of himself, he left to think through what had happened to him and sort out his relationship with God… and this man Jesus.

    Incidentally, there is a great new translation of the letters of Paul. In my opinion that best I’ve ever read. Take a look. The book is, The Authentic Letters of Paul by Dewey, Hoover, McGaughy, and Schmidt. I interviewed them last month and will post my interview with the authors on my Eye-On-Faith podcast on iTunes right after the first of the year.


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