Where Did Jesus Get Those Stories?

Have you ever wondered where Jesus came up with his life stories and parables? I hadn’t, but it makes sense that they came from his own life experiences. What happened to Jesus in his youth that might have brought forth these memorable parables and aphorisms?Jesus Youth

Join me as I interview the author of a fascinating new book about Jesus. Here is what he says,

“The Jesus I have discovered and want to tell people about is not the Jesus of my childhood who had to die to save me and the world from eternal damnation, but rather a flesh-and-blood person who lived a Divinely infused life that leads us to discover, experience, and live the Divine in our lives. And he does this by being fully human.”

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About AuthorTalk

Ron explores everything religious and spiritual at his web and blog site http://www.authortalk.audio. Hear Ron interview and comment on some of the most interesting religious and spiritual authors of our time.
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