25% of the World believes in Reincarnation… and so do 24% of Christians

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There are so many mysteries in this universe, life after death and reincarnation are only two of them. If you look up into the sky you only see in black-and-white, but you are missing the amazing and mysterious colors of the universe. You are missing the mystery that is your soul; for the unseen far exceeds that which is seen and comprehended by us mere mortals.
If I told you that reincarnation is a fact, would you scoff?

For thousands of years, religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and others have accepted the concept of reincarnation as normal and operative in the universe. This is how they see the human soul advancing and learning; being born, living, dying, and being reborn again, but what about Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?​Let’s take a look at your fait… and video of 10 yr. old boy who remembers a past life


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