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25% of the World believes in Reincarnation… and so do 24% of Christians

​A PORTAL TO INFINITY. COLOR PHOTO FROM THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE There are so many mysteries in this universe, life after death and reincarnation are only two of them. If you look up into the sky you only see in … Continue reading

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Where Did Jesus Get Those Stories?

Have you ever wondered where Jesus came up with his life stories and parables? I hadn’t, but it makes sense that they came from his own life experiences. What happened to Jesus in his youth that might have brought forth … Continue reading

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Can Reincarnation be Real? Do You Have a Memory of a Past Life, Déjà vu, Near Death (NDE), or Other Type of Experience? I Want to Hear About It. Have you ever experienced a past life, a moment of Déjà vu … Continue reading

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The Author Says: Paul is the “voice of God speaking.” Do you believe that? Tune in to listen to the host of AuthorTalk interview Michael Gorman, the author of a new book titled, Reading Paul. If you think that every … Continue reading

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An Ancient Text Lost for 1,700 Years Says Jesus’ Betrayer Was Not a Traitor, He Was a Hero!

“The Hidden Gospel of Judas”  A very exciting thing happened to me yesterday. I was working on this blog when the thought came to me, if Judas (one of the 12 original Apostles) had been the infamous traitor responsible for … Continue reading

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Neither Jesus Or His Disciples Would Recognize Today’s Christianity. Why? We Need Search No Further Than Paul!

The first description of the resurrection comes to us from Paul’s letters—not from the Gospels. This is important because Paul wrote decades before any of the Gospels were written. Thus, if we want to know what the Apostles believed, what … Continue reading

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Jesus was Fully Human and Irrational!

We are going to take a look at Jesus through the eyes of author, Ken Evers-Hood. He makes the case that a fully human Jesus is predictably irrational—just like all of us. Jesus got angry at people and events, he had limited … Continue reading

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