Can Reincarnation be Real?

Astral ProjectionDo You Have a Memory of a Past Life, Déjà vu, Near Death (NDE), or Other Type of Experience?

I Want to Hear About It.

Have you ever experienced a past life, a moment of Déjà vu where you recognize a person or place as if you had been there before, yet you know that you haven’t? Have you had a NDE? This is a blog for those who have moved through time and space, who want to share their experience with others and read about others’ experiences as well.

The Host of AuthorTalk Tells His Own Experience

Let me start out by saying that I think that reincarnation is a fact! I will tell you about the unusual experience that I had and why I now accept the reality of past lives.

On one particular morning, I was up before anyone else in the family. I went into my den, closed the door and started to meditate. For the next 2 days, I fell back in time and relived portions of 7 past lives.

A few days after this amazing journey into the past, I found myself doubting the veracity of the experience. As the everyday world once again absorbed my time and consciousness, I thought more and more that the visions of the past that I had experienced really hadn’t happened, that perhaps I had become unhinged. But then a follow-on experience convinced me that what had happened was indeed a trip into my past, and I’ve never doubted since.

Click on the AuthorTalk logo and read about Ron Way’s amazing experience where proof came in a most unexpected way in the little town of Ojai, CA where he came face-to-face with his sister from a past life.



About AuthorTalk

Ron explores everything religious and spiritual at his web and blog site Hear Ron interview and comment on some of the most interesting religious and spiritual authors of our time.
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  1. Sheli says:

    Love the idea of this blog – hope others will join in! I’ll be checking in 🙂


  2. AuthorTalk says:

    Hope all is well with you and your family oxoxo


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